NIMIC is inviting members.

If you are interested in multicultural coexistence or international exchange, or if you are a foreign resident who wants to interact with citizens, why not join us? Let’s interact with different cultures, broaden our horizons, and expand our wave of exchange through various activities such as home visits, Japanese language learning support, various seminars, translation volunteers, etc. We are also looking for supporting members who can support the purpose of the activity.

Member types and fees

Member type
Annual fee (Apr through March)*
Regular member Individual member 2,000yen
Group member 2,000yen
Family members** 3,000yen
Student member 1,000yen
Supporting member Individual member 10,000yen
Group member 30,000yen

** There is no admission fee. The annual membership fee shall be paid for each fiscal year (April through March).
**Family members are for couples and their children under the age of 18.


Member benefits

– You can receive the monthly Japanese newsletter “NIMIC communication” by email.
– You can receive the public relations magazine “Tabunka no Wa (Multicultural circle) ” (issued about twice a year, in Japanese with ruby ) by post mail.
– Depending on the course or event, you can participate at the membership price .
– You can participate in various events as an executive committee member. (Click herefor past event information)
– You can start new project activities related to multicultural coexistence. (Requires NIMIC board approval)
– You have the right to vote at the general meeting.


Enrollment flow

STEP 1: Application

Please fill in the required items of the form below and send.
Please be sure to fill in the fields marked with *.
If you are applying for a family member, please write the name and furigana of the family you are applying for at the same time in the “Other questions ” field.
The information you provide will only be used if it is necessary for NIMIC’s activities. Please check our privacy policy.

STEP 2: Payment of membership fee

After applying, please pay the membership fee in the manner A or B below. Choose the payment method that suits you best.
(For mbership validity, new or renewed,please pay the annual membership fee from here.

A) Credit card payment
Please access the credit settlement procedure page and pay according to the procedure.

B)Transfer to the designated bank account: Please transfer to the bank account below.
*Bank transfer fee is not included in this amount. Please burden this at your expense. Thank you.

〔Bank accounts〕
 Bank name: Mizuho Bank (bank code: 0001)
 Branch name: Hibarigaoka Branch (branch code: 262)
 Account type: Ordinary Deposit
 Account number: 2386979

 Bank name: Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ (bank code: 0005)
 Branch name: Tanashi Branch (branch code: 168)
 Account type: Ordinary Deposit
 Account number: 0034665

〔Bank Account Name〕
 NPO Nishitokyo Multicultural and International Center
 (indicated in katakana as “トクヒ ニシトウキヨウシタブンカキヨウセイセンタ- “)

STEP 3: Receive membership card

After confirming the payment of the membership fee, NIMIC will send the membership card to the address stated in the membership application form.

Contact information

NPO Nishitokyo Multicultural & International Center
– Address
 ZIP 188-0012 ING Bldg. 1F, 5-6-18 Minami-cho, Nishitokyo
– (Please change the @ mark from full-width to half-width and send it)