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Living information magazine “Nishitokyo newsletter “

Entrusted by the City Office, we edit the “Nishitokyo newsletter” which is a living information magazine with articles extracted from the city bulletin and translated into several languages.
A hard copy of Nishitokyo Newsletter is available at the reception hall of City Offices), the local libraries and the Public Halls (Kominkan). It is issued on the 5th of each month. Free of charge.
Below is the extracted article of Nishitokyo Newsletter for your reference:

Latest issue of Nishitokyo newsletter, issued in June, 2021

Vaccination against Covid-19 (free)
People aged 65 and older (born on or before April 1, 1957) may request an appointment for vaccination as from June 3 Thu. 8:30 am.

□Appointment may be requested by phone or internet.
◎Phone: to Nishitokyo Novel Corona Vaccine Call Center
☎ 03-5369-3904 (paid call) Monday through Saturday 8:30 am~7:00 pm. Closed on National and public holidays.
□Venue: Nishitokyo City Office Tanashi Bldg./ Ecoplaza Nishitokyo/ Shin Hibarigaoka Junior High School.
□Hospitals which administer vaccination: Sassa General Hospital・Tanashi Hospital・Musashino Tokushukai Hospital・ Nishitokyo Central General Hospital・Hoya Kosei Hospital
□Your home doctor: please ask your home doctor.

Municipal Tax and Tokyo Metropolitan Resident’s Tax Notice is coming

The tax notice will be sent to those who shall pay the said tax for the fiscal year 2021 ①with the tax payment slip of by automatic withdrawal from their bank account, or ②by deduction from their public pension.
Please be aware that the enclosed tax payment slips bear different payment deadlines. Those who have filed the tax declaration after March 16 Tue. may have to wait longer to receive the tax notice. If the amount of tax per each tax payment slip is 300,000 yen or less, it can be paid at convenience stores too.
Inquiry: Resident’s Tax Section ☎ 042-460-9827・9828

COOL CHOICE: Campaigne to enhance “Thoughtful Choices” to prevent Global Warming

In Japan, June 5 is the “Environment Day”. Since 2021, the month of June is designated as the “Environment Month”in which “Environmental Protection Activities” are carried out throughout the country. Nishitokyo promotes environmentally friendly ways of daily life at Ecoplaza Nishitokyo and on SNS. Let us all do what we can to help.
□Environmentallly friendly ways which each one of us can practice.
・Use “eco-bag”for shopping ・Ride a bycicle or walk to go anywhere as much as possible ・At a red light, not keep the engine idling ・When you buy electric appliances, chose the energy saving type ・Not buy or cook excess amount of food
・Not keep the TV on or the shower running when not needed ・Use your own chopsticks (My hashi), cups (My cup) and bottle (My bottle) ・Use green curtains ・Avoid excess wrapping ・Think well about what to dispose and what to recycle.

Family Support Center

“Family Members” can temporarily leave their children with and under the care of “Support Members”who provide help as summarized below. If you wish to become a Family Member, attend the explanatory meeting on membership registration.
What kind of help: accompany children to and picking them up at nursery schools, kindergartens, other schools, etc.
When they help: everyday from 6:00 am~11:00 pm
Fees per hour: 800 yen for weekdays from 8:30 am~5:00 pm.
 1,000 yen for other days and other hours.
Where they help: at the home of “Support Members” etc.
Explanatory Meeting on Membership Registration:
When: June 12 Sat./ Tanashi Comprehensive Welfare Center
 June 24 Thu./ Sumiyoshi Kaikan Lupinas
 July 3 Sat. / Tanashi Comprehensive Welfare Center
 (all the above meetings to be held 10:00 am ~ noon)
Max. attendees: 20 in order of application (the number includes the children you are accompanying)
To apply for attendance: Call the Family Support Center by 5:00 pm of the day before the meeting.
Inquiry: Family Support Center ☎ 042-497-5079
Child and Family Support Center ☎ 042-425-3303

Babies, come and join us! 

Gatherings for babies and guardians are held in the local Childcare Supporting Centers and other venues. Won’t you come and join us?
Where: local Children Supporting Centers, Children’s Halls, community centers (kominkan), etc. For details, see the Centers’ HP.
Programmed for: babies up to 8 months old and their guardians.     
Inquiry: Nursery Section ☎ 042-460-9842
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Appointment for Vaccination against Covid-19

People aged 75 and older (born on or before April 1, 1947) may request an appointment for vaccination as from June 2 Wed. 8:30 am. (This is for mass vaccination only).
※The appointment cannot be made at the City Office nor the venues of vaccination.※Have the
vaccination voucher in hand to make the appointment.
◇Information needed to make the appointment: the vaucher number printed on the vaccination voucher, your date of birth, name, phone number, desired venue, date and time of vaccination.  
■By phone: 03-5369-3904 Monday through Saturday 8:30 am~7:00 pm
※closed on national and public holidays  
■By internet: access on your smart phone or PC  
①Enter your vaccination voucher number and date of birth.
②Enter your name and phone number.
③Enter your desired venue of vaccination.
④Select the desired date and time.
⑤If the text messeage “Appointment is completed” appeared on the screen, it means your appointment is made.
◇At the venue of vaccination, make the appointment for the second shot. It will be on the same day, same time, and the same place three weeks after the first shot.
※The appointment procedure etc. for the second shot may differ at hospitals, so please check.
◇What to bring to the venue:
①vaccination voucher
②Prevaccionation Screening Questionnaire (yoshinhyo)
③ID such as Health Insurance Certificate, Driver’s License.
※Please wear clothing which can easily expose your shoulder.

Nishitokyo Holiday Clinic

Always open on public holidays. Inquire medical services other than internal medicine.
Time : 10am ~ Noon, 1 pm~4 pm, 5 pm~9 pm
Where : Nakamachi Branch Building
( 1-1-5 Nakamachi TEL 042-424‐3331 )

Nishitokyo Newsletter is available at the reception hall of City Offices, the local libraries and the Public Halls (Kominkan). Issued on the 5th of each month. Free.

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