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FY2020 event schedule

In FY2020, face-to-face events have been canceled one after another due to CoVid19. In the current situation, NIMIC continues to promote multicultural coexistence by holding online events.

“Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural museum ” tour and cherry blossom party (Planned to be held in March, 2021) 
Have fun in multiple languages! (Planned to be held in March, 2021)<Canceled>
NIMIC Online Café: Saturday, November 7th <Finished>
NIMIC will open a zoom online cafe where the members can get to know each other and talk freely. The theme is “let’s get acquainted “.
Date and time: Saturday, November 7th , 10: 00-11: 00
Participants: NIMIC members Contents: Guest story of Ms. Liu Hong (a volunteer interpreter, Japanese Class for Kids), free conversation in small groups of attendants, etc.
Cost: Free
Please note that this is a self-service cafe, so please bring your own drinks.
“Local Udon Making in Tanashi ” Experience (Planned to be held in November) <Canceled>
Nishitokyo City Japanese Speech Contest (Planned to be held in October) <Canceled>
Multicultural experience with Kids (Planned to be held in October) <Canceled>
Follow-up Course for Japanese for Children Volunteers (Commissioned by Nishitokyo City)- Saturday, September 19, and Saturday, September 26 <Finished>
・Target audience: Japanese language class for children staffs, and staffs who support children in Japanese language classes within the City, who can participate from their homes, etc. with a computer or tablet
・Capacity: about 20 people
・Lecturer: Chiho Sakurai (Hiroshima University Associate Professor, developer of DLA (Dialogic Language Assessment), a tool for measuring language ability of children whose native language is not Japanese, made by the Ministry of Education)
・Date and content
 1st session: September 19 (Sat), DLA’s ideas regarding community activities
 2nd session: September 26 (Sat), concrete way of learning using Zoom
[For NIMIC members only] 2nd Multicultural Salon (online) “What kind of country is Mongolia? ” Sunday, September 13 <Finished>
NIMIC will hold the 2nd Multicultural Salon using Zoom.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Jigmeddorj and H. Ariunzaya, a Mongolian couple living in Nishitokyo, will talk about the charm of Mongolia while showing photos.
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Nishitokyo City sponsored Japanese language volunteer follow-up course
“Utilization of zoom, an online tool- for community activities in the time of corona ” August 8 (Sat), August 22 (Sat) <Finished>
This is a project in response to a voice that we would like to improve the situation where we can study and interact online under the influence of the novel coronavirus.
・Target: Volunteers of Japanese language classes within the City
・Capacity: 20 people
・Lecturer: Mr. Yoshihito Kinoshita (Member of the board and Executive Director of Kanagawa Development Education Center, and Part-time Lecturer of International Department, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tokai University)
・Date and content
  >First session (Saturday, August 8): Introduction to zoom – from how to join to how to conduct learning activities
  >2nd time (Saturday, August 22): Facilitating learning activities and cultural exchange activities through zoom
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[Limited to NIMIC members] 1st Multicultural Salon (online) “Guests from Paris ” Tuesday, August 4 <Finished>
NIMIC will hold Multicultural Salon using Zoom.
Having lived for 8 years in France, Ms. Minori Shirane, who is currently working as an embroidery artist in the atelier dealing with haute couture embroidery in Paris, will talk about her life in France during the coronavirus catastrophe, the current state, and her experiences in France. She will join us online from far away Paris.
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“Join summer festival while wearing a yukata ” (Planned to be held in July) <Canceled>
12th Ordinary General Assembly Sunday, June 7 <Finished>
Home Visit for International Students (Planned to be held in June)<Canceled>
One-piece Design Contest for elementary school children of the Japanese Language Class, May <Finished>
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