Written Record of Japanese Speech Contest

On this page, you can view the written record of the Nishitokyo City Japanese Speech Contest (Microsoft PowerPoint version [for a limited time] and PDF version). The record is in Japanese only.

In accordance with the Copyright Act and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, unauthorized copying, modification, or transfer of this record is strictly prohibited.

About Viewing
1. Microsoft PowerPoint version
If you are using a device with Microsoft PowerPoint installed, you can read the record after downloading it by turning the pages like a book.
*The PowerPoint version will only be available until the end of the fiscal year.

2. PDF version
Each page of the record is saved as a PDF file. It can be read without any special software. From fiscal 2021, records of speech contests will be posted for five years.

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Year 2021

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 -October 2021
 -Cancelled in 2020
 -December 2019

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