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FY2024 event schedule

Nishitokyo City Japanese Speech Contest 2024 October 6 (Sun.)

Summer festival with wearing a yukata, July 27 (Sat.)

Home Visit for International Students, June 23 (Sun.)<Finiished>

Multicultural Time “My Birthplace SINGAPORE-LION CITY ” Saturday, May 25(Sat. <Finiished>

On Saturday, May 25, we invited Ms. Mei-Ling Lin to talk about Singapore. 15 people attended. She spoke with great humor about not only her diverse diet, but also about the country’s founding, education, housing, military conscription, and much more. Ms Lin’s wonderful personality, which embodies the “OK-lah ” spirit (everything is OK!), made those who have lived in Japan nostalgic and those who have not yet lived in Japan motivated to visit.

The 16th General Meeting, May 19(Sun.)<Finished>

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