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FY2023 event schedule

Nishitokyo City Japanese Speech Contest, October 1<Finished >
We are looking for presenters for the Nishitokyo City Japanese Speech Contest 2023 to be held on the afternoon of Sunday, October 1 at Cole Tanashi.
Anyone 16 years old or older whose native language is not Japanese and who has a connection to Nishitokyo City is eligible to apply.
For more information, please see the City newsletter (July 15 issue), the flyer distributed in the city, and the PDF of the flyer (below).
Pre-Elementary School Admission Briefing for Parents from Abroad, September 9 <Finished >
This briefing is being held so that parents from overseas with no knowledge of Japanese elementary schools can make preparations for their children’s entrance without unnecessary worry. *Zoom will be used.

– Date/time: Saturday, September 9; 10:00 – noon
– Eligibility: Parents from overseas of children who are entering elementary school or transferring (after a move to the city from elsewhere)
– Capacity: 10 persons
– Inquiries: NIMIC (tel.: 042-461-0381)
Summer festival with wearing a yukata 2023, July 29 <Finished >
Join us, along with NIMIC members, for the Higashi Fushimi Shouei-kai Bon Odori Festival, where we’ll enjoy traditional Bon dancing and night stalls. As part of the event, we will provide foreign participants with “yukata ” (summer kimono) and obi (sash) on loan, with volunteers assisting with the dressing.

-Date: July 29th (Saturday)
-Time: 17:00 (Assembly) – 21:30 (Dispersal)
-Assembly Point: Tanashi Community Center, Japanese-style room (5-minute walk from Seibu Shinjuku Line Tanashi Station South Exit)
-Bon Odori Venue: DyDo Drinko Ice Arena Parking Lot (1-minute walk from Higashi-Fushimi Station South Exit)
-Participation Fee: 1,000 yen (payment on the day)
-Capacity: Approximately 20 people
-Target Participants: Foreign residents, students, and workers aged 18 and above residing, studying, or working in Nishitokyo City
-Interpreter: Available for English, Chinese, and Korean
-Inquiries: Please refer to the flyer at the following URL:https://www.nimic.jp/event/yukata_2023_en.pdf
Workshop on ‘SDGs and Multicultural Coexistence’, July 22 <Finished
Home Visit for International Students, June 25 <Finished>
15th Ordinary General Assembly, May 21 <Finished>
“Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural museum ” Tour and Cherry Blossom Party, April 1<Finished>

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