N-Friends Club

Would you like to talk with local people in Japanese?

We are welcoming new members.

You might be thinking, for example…
■ I would like to get acquainted with Japanese people in my neighborhood.
■ It would be nice to have a Japanese acquaintance who would read letters that my child brings home from school together with me.
■ I don’t know much about Japanese schools. I wish somebody could tell me more.
■ I moved to Nishitokyo City recently. I would like to know where the supermarkets and hospitals are.
■ What kind of parks are there where I can go with my family on days off?

Learn a lot and talk a lot together with your Japanese language partner!

This is a conversation partner activity with a Japanese person.
You can make friends through enjoyable conversation with a Japanese person in the area.
You can talk about various things, such as what you do not understand or what you want to know about life in Japan or what you want to tell about your own country.
If you can speak simple Japanese, you are welcome to participate.

Click here for the leaflet (English version).
Click here for the leaflet (Japanese version).
Click here for the activity rules of the N-Friends Club.


First of all, please apply.

*If you live, work, or attend school in Nishitokyo City, you can apply.
*To join N-Friends Club, you must become a NIMIC member. (Annual membership fee: 2000 yen for individual members, 1000 yen for student members) Please see this page for membership information.

After the coordinator has an interview with you, we will introduce a Japanese language partner (“N-Friend”). Together with your N-Friend, you can enjoy interacting in Japanese about twice a month.

    Please select the one that applies:

    N-Friends Club Secretariat
    Katagiri (Ms) 
    Tel.: 090-4170-9954
    Email: n-friends@nimic.jp

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