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Parenting in Japan -From pregnancy to enrolling in elementary school


Nishitokyo City Elementary school information
 Explanation on elementary schools in Nishitokyo City with “hiragana” reading aid.
 A guide for parents with children of foreign nationality. 

<Disposal of Garbage and Recyclable Resourcesl>

The PDF edition of “Nishitokyo City—How to Dispose of Garbage and Recyclable Resources” can be downloaded from the Nishitokyo City website (here). The booklet is available in three foreign languages (English, Chinese, and Korean). It explains rules for putting out garbage, recyclable resources, and oversized garbage, as well as how to separate garbage by item. Printed booklets in the three foreign languages are available at the Garbage Reduction Promotion Division on the 2nd floor of Eco Plaza Nishitokyo and the Citizens’ Registration and Affairs Section at the City Office Tanashi Building.

Living information magazine, Nishitokyo Newsletter

Entrusted by the City Office, we edit the Nishitokyo Newsletter which is a living information magazine with articles extracted from the city bulletin and translated into several languages.
A hard copy of Nishitokyo Newsletter is available at the reception hall of City Offices), the local libraries and the Public Halls (Kominkan). It is issued on the 5th of each month. Free of charge.

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Below is the extracted article of Nishitokyo Newsletter for your reference:

Latest issue ofNishitokyo Newsletter,issued in Februay, 2024

Let’s Prepare for a Disaster!
—To avoid panic when an earthquake or typhoon occurs—

■Self-help: Protect yourself and your family
□Stock necessary items for daily life
*Drink and food (for three days) *Easily assembled toilet
□Check dangerous places in your home
*Prepare a safe room without furniture *Don’t place things in entrances/exits and corridors
□Check nearest evacuation site
*Check the route to your nearest evacuation plaza and evacuation shelter (school, etc.)
■Mutual help: Cooperate with the local community
□Participate in community events □Take part in disaster prevention drills and evacuation site drills
■Public help: Check disaster information issued by Nishitokyo City
□Register with the Nishitokyo Security & Safety Iina Mail emergency email service and the city’s Line channel to receive information at the time of a disaster
Inquiries: Crisis Management Section (tel.: 042-438-4010)

Notification of School Entrance

Notification of school entrance has been sent to the parents of children entering elementary or junior high school in April. If you have not yet received notification, please contact the School Affairs Section. The parents of children entering a private, national, or metropolitan elementary or junior high school should complete the necessary procedures at the School Affairs Section.
Inquiries: School Affairs Section (tel.: 042-420-2824)

Traffic Accident Mutual-Aid Insurance

This mutual-aid insurance scheme (called Chokotto Kyosai) provides condolence money in the case of a traffic accident requiring treatment. The acceptance of reservations began on Thursday, February 1.
Mutual-aid insurance period: April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2025
A Course: Annual fee of 1,000 yen for condolence money up to 3 million yen
B Course: Annual fee of 500 yen for condolence money up to 1.5 million yen
Eligibility: People registered as residents of Nishitokyo on the day when the scheme begins
Applications: Pamphlets with application forms will be delivered to each household. They are also available at banks in the city (but not post offices).
For more details, see the Chokotto Kyosai website.
Inquiries: Transportation Section (tel.: 042-439-4435)

Start of Tax Declaration

Declaration period: February 16 (Fri) – March 15 (Fri)
People who need to declare their municipal resident’s tax and metropolitan resident’s tax for fiscal 2024 (based on their income in 2023) should go to the city office.
Inquiries: Resident’s Tax Section (tel.: 042-460-9827/9828)
People who need to declare their 2023 income tax (national tax) should go to the Higashimurayama Tax Office.
Inquiries: Higashimurayama Tax Office (tel.: 042-394-6811)

Tamarokuto Science Center

The Tamarokuto Science Center was jointly established by five cities (Nishitokyo, Kodaira, Higashimurayama, Kiyose, and Higashikurume). It has a planetarium and five exhibition rooms. The planetarium’s projector can project 140 million stars. The exhibition rooms have about 100 items that visitors are able to try and touch, and there are staff on hand to answer questions if you do not understand or are puzzled by something. We look forward to your visit!

Multilingual Fun for Kids!

At this event, kids can have fun playing in English, Korean, and Chinese with foreigners living in Nishitokyo.
Date/time: March 2 (Sat) (1) 10:00–10:50 (2) 11:10–12:00
Place: Kiratto Sports and Culture Center
Eligibility: Children aged from final year in nursery and kindergarten to second grade of elementary school
Capacity: 18 persons in each session (Decided by lottery in the case of too many applications)
Fee: 500 yen per child (payment by credit card)
Applications: Send the application form by February 15 (Thu).
For more details, contact the inquiries or see the leaflet available in community centers, libraries, etc.
Organizers/inquiries:NPO Nishitokyo Multicultural and International Center (NIMIC) (tel.: 042-461-0381);
Cultural Promotion Section (tel.: 042-420-2817)

Nishitokyo Multicultural Center
—Consultations available in various languages for non-Japanese with concerns or questions about life in Japan—

At the Nishitokyo Multicultural Center non-Japanese residents can receive consultations from counselors via interpreters (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish) or in various other languages using video calls. The counselor uses the video call together with the consultee. Please do not hesitate to consult with us if you have any problems.
*The private information of consultees is protected.
Languages available for consultations: English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino, Thai, Nepalese, Hindi, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Indonesian, Khmer, Myanmar, Ukrainian, Japanese
Time: Monday to Friday, 10:00–16:00 (lunch break 12:00–13:00)
Place: 1F ING Bldg. (5-6-18 Minami-cho; tel.: 042-461-0381)
Inquiries: Cultural Promotion Section (tel.: 042-420-2817)

Nishitokyo Holiday Clinic

Always open on public holidays. You can consult about anything other than internal medicine.
Consultation hours: 10:00–12:00, 13:00–16:00, 17:00–21:00
Place: City Office Nakamachi Annex Bldg. (1-1-5 Nakamachi; tel.: 042-424-3331)

Nishitokyo Newsletter is available in the reception halls of city office buildings, local libraries, and community centers (kominkan). It is issued free of charge on the 6th of every month.

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