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Parenting in Japan -From pregnancy to enrolling in elementary school


Nishitokyo City Elementary school information
 Explanation on elementary schools in Nishitokyo City with “hiragana” reading aid.
 A guide for parents with children of foreign nationality. 

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The PDF edition of “Nishitokyo City—How to Dispose of Garbage and Recyclable Resources” can be downloaded from the Nishitokyo City website (here). The booklet is available in three foreign languages (English, Chinese, and Korean). It explains rules for putting out garbage, recyclable resources, and oversized garbage, as well as how to separate garbage by item. Printed booklets in the three foreign languages are available at the Garbage Reduction Promotion Division on the 2nd floor of Eco Plaza Nishitokyo and the Citizens’ Registration and Affairs Section at the City Office Tanashi Building.

Living information magazine, Nishitokyo Newsletter

Entrusted by the City Office, we edit the Nishitokyo Newsletter which is a living information magazine with articles extracted from the city bulletin and translated into several languages.
A hard copy of Nishitokyo Newsletter is available at the reception hall of City Offices), the local libraries and the Public Halls (Kominkan). It is issued on the 5th of each month. Free of charge.

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Below is the extracted article of Nishitokyo Newsletter for your reference:

Latest issue ofNishitokyo Newsletter, issued in November, 2022

Let’s enjoy autumn of Nishitokyo in beautiful parks!

1. Nishitokyo Ikoinomori Park
The largest park in the city. Sports and other recreation activities are playable. Koyo (leaves color turns to red or yellow in autumn) will be seen.
2. Shimo-hoya 4 cho-me special reserved green tract of land
There are beautiful old houses and trees, and Koyo of maple trees.
3. Metropolitan Tokyo Higashi-fushimi Park
Spacious park for parents and children to play on long sliding board and athletic instruments. Seibu railways train runs nearby.
4. Tanashi Community Park
There are sliding boards of kite shape children will enjoy.
5. Yato Maidenhair Tree Park
You may enjoy beautiful yellow leaves maidenhair trees.

Application of New School Entrance Preparation Expense Support will commence

Those who are admitted for their difficulty to enter school for economic reasons are eligible to the financial support.
Eligible persons: Resident registered in Nishitokyo City as of December 31, 2022, Parents or guardians of new elementary school kids or junior high school pupils as of April 2023, and meeting the conditions of the subsidies.
※ Parents incomes will be appraised for the eligibility.
□ Amount subsidized: 54,060 for entrance to primary school, 60,000 for entrance to junior high school
□ Timing of payment: February 2023.
Application acceptance period & Place: November 1 (Tue) to December 28 (Wed), at Educational Affairs Section (Tanashi 2nd Bld. 3 F)
※ Post mails are not acceptable.
□ For application forms and further detail, pls. refer to the city HP.
Inquiry: Educational Affairs Section Tel: 042-420-2824

Introduction of After School Child Care Centers (Gakudo Club) for April 2023

In case parents of elementary school kids are not able to care their children because of their jobs or illness, Gakudo Club will care and guide the children life on behalf of their parents.
The children: Elementary school kids (5th & 6th grades kids are limited to the disabled)
□ Distribution of introduction paper: From November 7 (Mon) available at Tanashi 2nd Bldg. 2F Children and Youth Institution Section, Disaster Management & Hoya General Health and Welfare Center 1 F Civil Affairs Section General Counter, Children’s Hall, and Gakudo Club.
Application period: December 1 (Thu) to 20 (Tue)
Due papers shall be post mailed to Children and Youth Institution Section, or hand delivered to the same Section, Children’s Hall or Gakudo Club (December 7 (Wed) to 16 (Fri)).
※ For detail, please refer to the introduction paper.
Inquiry: Children and Youth Institution Section
Tel: 042-460-9843

Multiculture Experience with Kids
Playing with Worldwide Toys ♪

Kids together with parents may experience cultures of various countries. Listening to Niko (music instrument) performance, and parents and kids cooperating to make some goods.
Time: November 20 (Sun) 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.
Place: Tanashi Kominkan
Attendants: Kids aged 0 to elementary school 2nd grade with their parents
Capacity: 5 pairs of parents and their kids. In case of over-application, determined by lottery.
Fee: 200 per pair
Application: Send e-mail to Nishitokyo Multicultural Center (NIMIC) ,, by November 10 (Thu) captioned as [Multiculture Experience with Kids: Application], with the information as follows; Kids name with rubi, age (months for kids aged 0), Parents name with rubi, and telephone number.
Inquiry: Nishitokyo Multicultural Center Tel: 042-461-0381,
Cultural Promotion Section Tel: 042-420-2817

Stories Listening Meeting Enjoyable by Various Languages

Reading and listening picture books will be carried out.
Time: November 6 (Sun) Chinese, November 12 (Sat) English, November 26 (Sat) Ukrainian, 11:30 to 11:45 for each meeting.
Places: Yato Library for November 6 and 12, Central Library for November 26.
Attendants: Persons aged 3 or over. Capacity: Up to 5 pairs of parents and kids for November 6 and 12, 4 pairs for November 26, both to the order of application.
Application: Please call or mail to the inquiry below, or visit directly, by the previous date.
Inquiry: Yato Library Tel: 042-421-4545

Notice of Free Charge Vaccination of Novel Coronavirus

■ Vaccination for the omicron variant is now available after 3 months from the previous final vaccination.
The vaccination ticket will be sent in turn according to the previous final vaccination dates. When you receive the ticket, please make booking for the vaccination on the date of 3 months lapse of time from the previous vaccination. In case you have moved into the city after the previous final vaccination somewhere else, or you may request the ticket again, please contact the call center.
▼ In case you had not had the 1st or 2nd vaccination, pls. use the ticket delivered at hand.
※ The same vaccine will be used as before.
■ The children aged 5 to 11 will intake the specific vaccine for the children. 1st and 2nd vaccination: now being provided. Additional (3rd) vaccination: The ticket will be sent to those who finished the 2nd vaccination accordingly. The vaccination will be provided at Hoya Fukushi Hoken Sogo Center, beside hospitals or clinics, on November 19 (Sat).
■ The vaccination of the new born babies of 6 months to 4 years old is under preparation. The detail will be informed after prepared via city news and HP.
■ How to book: ① Call Nishitokyo City Corona Vaccine Call Center
Tel: 03-5369-3904
Monday thru Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Except public holidays and business holidays. ② Internet :

Nishitokyo Holiday Clinic

Always open on public holidays. Inquire medical services other than internal medicine.
Time : 10am ~ Noon, 1 pm ~ 4 pm, 5 pm ~ 9 pm
Where : Nakamachi Branch Building
( 1-1-5 Nakamachi TEL 042-424‐3331 )

Nishitokyo Newsletter is available at the reception hall of City Offices, the local libraries and the Public Halls (Kominkan). Issued on the 5th of each month. Free.

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