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Parenting in Japan -From pregnancy to enrolling in elementary school


Nishitokyo City Elementary school information
 Explanation on elementary schools in Nishitokyo City with “hiragana” reading aid.
 A guide for parents with children of foreign nationality. 

<Disposal of Garbage and Recyclable Resourcesl>

The PDF edition of “Nishitokyo City—How to Dispose of Garbage and Recyclable Resources” can be downloaded from the Nishitokyo City website (here). The booklet is available in three foreign languages (English, Chinese, and Korean). It explains rules for putting out garbage, recyclable resources, and oversized garbage, as well as how to separate garbage by item. Printed booklets in the three foreign languages are available at the Garbage Reduction Promotion Division on the 2nd floor of Eco Plaza Nishitokyo and the Citizens’ Registration and Affairs Section at the City Office Tanashi Building.

Living information magazine, Nishitokyo Newsletter

Entrusted by the City Office, we edit the Nishitokyo Newsletter which is a living information magazine with articles extracted from the city bulletin and translated into several languages.
A hard copy of Nishitokyo Newsletter is available at the reception hall of City Offices), the local libraries and the Public Halls (Kominkan). It is issued on the 5th of each month. Free of charge.

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Below is the extracted article of Nishitokyo Newsletter for your reference:

Latest issue ofNishitokyo Newsletter, issued in August, 2022

Kids Consulting Room, pls. visit Hotto Room

Entering Summer Holidays, any irregularity on your kids’ conditions found? Pls. listen to your kids carefully. Either kids or parents will be consulted for your kids.
Consultation will be conducted in Japanese. Personal secrets shall be kept.
[Call] 0120-9109-77
[Fax] 042-439-6646
[Letter] 〒 202-0005 Sumiyoshi-cho 6-15-6, Nishitokyo City
c/o Kids Consulting Room, Hotto Room
[Reception] Sumiyoshi Kaikan Lupinus 2F Kids Consultation Room
[Consultation Time] Mon.~ Fri. 2 p.m.~8p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. ~4 p.m. Closed on Sun., Public Holidays and Year end & New Year’s days
[E-mail Consultation application form]

Application of Life Supporting Special Subsidy for Child Care Family being accepted

※ Single Parent family is not applicable.
Eligible person shall submit the specific application.
Eligible person: As of the end March 2022, parents and the equivalents who are breeding kids aged under 18
(under 20 for the disable) and ① whose Equality Portion of the Resident’s Tax for FY 2022 is exempted or ② whose
income after January 2022 drastically decreased to the financial condition similar to ①.
Subsidy amount: ¥50,000 per kid
Application period: July 11 (Mon.) ~2023 February 28 (Tue.)
※ Persons categorized as above ① who received Child Allowance or Special Childrearing Allowance from
Nishitokyo City for April 2022 do not need application.
Application: ① Receive Application form from the City HP or the concerned Section of the City. ② Fill the form and
produce with the necessary papers to ③ Child-Raising Support Section by hand or via post mail. For detail, pls. refer
to the City HP.
Inquiry: Child-Raising Support Section Tel:042-460-9840

Non-Nuclear・Peace Panel Exhibition

August 15 corresponds to the 77 years since the end of the War. In view of inheriting the importance of peace, the panels
showing the casualties from the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with the model of one ton bomb will be
exhibited. Time: August 8 (Mon.) thru 11 (Public Holiday) 10 a.m.~8 p.m. (opening 3 p.m. on 8, closing 3 p.m. on 11)
Place: ASTA Center Court
Inquiry: Community Partnership Section Tel:042-420-2821

Explanatory Meeting via online on Preparation of entering Elementary School for guardians (fathers and mothers) having come from abroad

The meeting will be held for preparation of entering easily Japanese elementary school. ※ Zoom to be used.
Participants shall be required to connect their own PC or the equivalent electronic device with internet.
Time: September 4 (Sun.) 10:00a.m thru 11:30 a.m.
Invitees: The guardians whose kids are entering or transferring to elementary school and who have come from abroad.
Capacity: around 10 persons
Application: Until August 19 (Fri.) send e-mail, with Caption [Explanatory Meeting on entering Elementary School for the guardians coming from abroad], Name of the guardian with ruby, Name of the kid’s entering school and Telephone number, addressed at Nishitokyo Multicultural and International Center (NIMIC). email:
Inquiry: Nishitokyo Multicultural and International Center Tel:042-461-0381, or Cultural Promotion Section Tel:042-420-2817

Dome Theater Video : Water Planet Star Travel Series

You can enjoy, by a large screen, images of seas and stars in the sky in Tahiti, Maldives and New Caledonia.
Time: In the afternoon 2:30p.m~3:05p.m
Place: Tamarokuto Science Center. Capacity: 234 persons (in order of appearance)
Entrance Fee: admission ticket for the exhibition and Dome Theater (both one visit)・ Adult ¥1,040, 4 years old to high
school student ¥420, available for sale on the date at the Center from 9:30 a.m.
Closed: In August no closed days.
Inquiry: Tamarokuto Science Center Tel: 042-469-6100

Coronavirus Vaccination Notice

■ Additional (fourth) injection notice
・60 years or over aged persons do not need application. Those who have finished the 3rd vaccination between March 17 and 23 will be sent the vaccination ticket on August 3 (Wed.), and the ticket will be, thereafter, sent to the order of the 3rd vaccination finished date.
・60 years or over aged persons who moved in the City after the 3rd vaccination, 18 years or over aged and under 60 years aged persons who have illness, and those who are working in hospitals or facilities caring the old are asked to apply for the vaccination.
・Upon receiving the ticket, pls. make booking for the vaccination on the date of 5 month or the later
than 3rd vaccination date. How to book: Call Nishitokyo New Corona Vaccine Call Center, or access to internet:
■ Those who are 12 years or over aged without the 3rd vaccination, those who are 5 to 11 years old, and those who
are12 years or over aged without vaccination are applicable for the vaccination. For detail, pls. call Nishitokyo New
Corona Vaccine Call Center Tel:03-5369-3904, Monday thru Saturday 8:30 a.m.~7:00 p.m. except national holidays and

Nishitokyo Holiday Clinic

Always open on public holidays. Inquire medical services other than internal medicine.
Time : 10am ~ Noon, 1 pm~4 pm, 5 pm~9 pm
Where : Nakamachi Branch Building
( 1-1-5 Nakamachi TEL 042-424‐3331 )

Nishitokyo Newsletter is available at the reception hall of City Offices, the local libraries and the Public Halls (Kominkan). Issued on the 5th of each month. Free.

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