Nishitokyo newsletter (issued Aug 2023)

Message from Mayor Takashi Ikezawa

Dear Citizens,

We are planning generous support for all people, from the newborn to the elderly, to support households suffering from the rise in prices.

□For all people:
 ○Cashless payment point reward project from September
 ○Sale of Premium Support Cards (general) from November ●Subsidy for purchase of energy-saving household appliances (replacement of air conditioners and refrigerators)
□For child-raising households:
 ●Special allowance to support child-raising households
 ●Assistance for purchase of ingredients for lunches at kindergartens, nursery schools, etc.
 ●Assistance for purchase of ingredients for school lunches □For students and young people:
 ●Special allowance to support students, etc. ○Sale of Premium Support Cards (young persons) from November
□For the elderly:
 ○Handout of Premium Support Cards (elderly persons) from October
□For tax-exempt households:
 ●Priority support allowance to counter rising price of electricity, gas, food products, etc.
□For households belonging to national health insurance scheme:
 ●Freezing of national health insurance fees

●Being implemented.

Three Types of Premium Support Card to Be Issued

These Premium Support Cards are aimed at supporting consumers and business operators who have been hit by the rise in prices.
(1) Livelihood Support Project (purchasable type): Cards that can be used to the value of 6,000 yen in participating stores/restaurants (establishments taking part in this project) will be on sale at 4,000 yen each.
Eligibility: Persons living in Nishitokyo City. (Persons eligible for projects (2) and (3) can also apply.)
No. of cards: Up to two cards per person
Applications: Please apply online or send a postcard by Friday, September 29.
(2) Young Persons’ Livelihood Support Project (purchasable type): Cards that can be used to the value of 6,000 yen in participating stores/restaurants will be on sale at 1,000 yen each.
Eligibility: Persons aged 19–29 years living in Nishitokyo City (that is, persons born from April 2, 1994, to April 1, 2005). No. of cards: Up to two cards per person (One card can definitely be purchased.)
Applications: Application forms will be sent to the homes of persons listed on the Nishitokyo City Basic Resident Register as of June 1. Eligible persons who registered after June 1, and eligible persons who live in the city but have not registered their residence, are requested to apply over the counter.
Application period: Tuesday, August 1 – Friday, September 29Application place: ING Bldg. (Please bring a document, such as an ID card, showing that you live in the city.)
*Period of validity of cards (1) and (2): Wednesday, November 1, 2023 – Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Notification and coupons will be sent to successful applicants in late October.
*For more details, please see the dedicated website page, the August 1 issue of the Japanese city newsletter, or the distributed leaflet.
(3) Elderly Persons’ Livelihood Support Project (handout type) Cards (to the value of 5,000 yen each) that can be used at participating stores/restaurants will be distributed. Details will be given in the October 15 issue of the Japanese city newsletter.
Inquiries: User Call Center (tel.: 0120-547-088);
Young Persons’ Livelihood Support Project Call Center (tel.: 0120-433-071)

Market for the Direct Sale of Agricultural Produce to Be Held by the JA Tokyo District Hoya Direct-Sales Office

Agricultural produce, such as fruit, flowers, and vegetables and including Hoya pears and Hoya grapes, will be on sale.
Date/time: Saturday, August 19; 09:00 – noon
In the case of bad weather, such as a typhoon, heavy rain, or strong wind, the market will be canceled. The market will end when produce is sold out.
Place: Tact Home Komorebi Grafare Hall (in front of Hoya Komorebi Hall)
Inquiries: Orientation & Economy Section, JA Tokyo Mirai Hoya Branch (tel.: 042-421-6479); Industry Promotion Section (tel.: 042-420-2820)

Family Support Center:
Family Member Registration Briefing

This briefing is for people who want to register as Family Members in a community project in which people who wish to temporarily entrust their child/children in the care of others (Family Members) and willing childminders (Support Members) mutually assist each other.
Date/time: Thursday, August 24; 10:00 – noon
Place: Sumiyoshi Kaikan Lupinus
Capacity: 20 persons (chosen in order of application)
*Children aged one year or over (up to five children) can be temporarily entrusted.
Applications: Please apply to the contact for inquiries by 17:00 on August 23.
Inquiries: Family Support Center Secretariat (tel. 042-497-5079)

Online Briefing for Parents from Overseas
Prior to Child’s Elementary School Entrance

This briefing is being held so that parents from overseas with no knowledge of Japanese elementary schools can make preparations for their children’s entrance without unnecessary worry. *Zoom will be used.
Date/time: Saturday, September 9; 10:00 – noon
Eligibility: Parents from overseas of children who are entering elementary school or transferring (after a move to the city from elsewhere)
Capacity: 10 persons
Applications: Please send an email with the subject line “Elementary School Entrance Briefing” to the Nishitokyo Multicultural and International Center (NIMIC; email by Monday, September 4, stating the parent’s name (with furigana if possible), the name of the school that the child will be entering, and your telephone number.
Inquiries: NIMIC (tel.: 042-461-0381)

Nishitokyo Holiday Clinic

Always open on public holidays. You can consult about anything other than internal medicine.
Consultation hours: 10:00–12:00, 13:00–16:00, 17:00–21:00
Place: City Office Nakamachi Annex Bldg. (1-1-5 Nakamachi; tel.: 042-424-3331)

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