Nishitokyo newsletter (issued Oct 2023)

Nishitokyo Civic Culture Festival:
Building Bridges of Culture to the Future

From October 15 (Sun) to November 5 (Sun) citizens involved in cultural and artistic activities will be making stage presentations, displaying their works, and engaging in other events. You can see them at eight venues in the city (Call Tanashi, Yagisawa Kominkan, Hibarigaoka Kominkan, Tanashi Kominkan, Kiratto, Sumiyoshi Kaikan Lupinus, Bunka Girls’ High School, and Musashino University). It will be a great opportunity to see and experience Japan’s culture and traditions, so please be sure to come along!
*For details, please see the general program available at public facilities and elsewhere in the city or the city website.
Inquiries: Cultural Promotion Section (tel.: 042-420-2817)

Applications for Child Support Allowance

Please apply for a child support allowance if you are eligible and have not yet done so.
Place: Child-Raising Support Section (2F, Tanashi 2nd Bldg.)
Eligibility: A person raising a child/children in a household where the parents are divorced, the father or mother has died, the father or mother has a severe disability, the child has been born out of wedlock, etc.
Age of child: The allowance is paid for children from the age of 0 years until the first March 31 after the child turns 18. In the case of a certain level of disability, it can be extended until 19 years of age.
□There are limitations on the payment of this allowance. For details, please check the city website.
□Allowance payment months
The allowance will be calculated from the month following the application and will be paid in two-month installments in every odd month (January, March, May, July, September, and November).
□Monthly allowance amount
For the first child, full payment of 44,140 yen or partial payment of 10,410–44,130 yen; for other children, a sum of 3,130 – 10,420 yen will be added to this amount.
□Income restrictions
Depending on the income of the claimant and a cohabitant with family support responsibility, the allowance may not be paid either in full or in part.
*Please inquire about details of payment conditions, etc.
Inquiries: Child-Raising Support Section (tel.: 042-460-9840)

“Tamarokuto Week” at Tamarokuto Science Center

(1) Admission will be cheaper. (260 yen for adults; 100 yen for children aged four years to senior high school students)
Period/time: October 11 (Wed) – 29 (Sun); 09:30–17:00
(2) On October 29 (Sun), there will be a free bus from the south exit of Hoya Station to Tamarokuto Science Center. Times: (Leaving Hoya Station south exit) 08:40, 09:55, 11:10, 13:25, 14:55
(3) Planetarium reservations can be made for the shows beginning at 15:50 on October 15, 22, and 29 (Sundays).
Applications: Please submit the application form on the inquiries website during the period from noon four days prior to your desired date (Wednesdays) to noon on the day before your desired date (Saturdays).
Capacity: 234 persons (chosen in order of entry)
Eligibility for (1) and (3): Persons living, working, or studying in Nishitokyo. Please bring documentary proof with you (student ID card, etc.).
Inquiries: Tamarokuto Science Center (tel.: 042-469-6100)

Nishitokyo City Boccia Tournament 2023

Boccia is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. The winning team in this tournament will take part in the Tokyo Municipal Boccia Tournament to be held on Saturday, January 27, 2024.
Date/time: November 5 (Sun); 12:30–17:00
Place: Sports Center
Eligibility: Persons living, working, or studying in Nishitokyo. Each team has three members; applications for up to four people will be accepted.
*Teams consisting of only elementary school students must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over. Carers for disabled persons need not be included in the number of participants.
Capacity: 16 teams (chosen in order of application)
Applications: The barcode application form should be submitted no later than October 16. Alternatively, after carefully reading the explanation of the tournament on the city website or elsewhere, send a participation application form and list of team members by fax or email, or take by hand, to the inquiries contact. If sending by fax, please confirm by phone that the fax has arrived.
Inquiries: Sports Promotion Section (tel.: 042-420-2818; fax: 042-420-2893; email:

Notice of Free COVID-19 Vaccinations

The free COVID-19 vaccination program begun in autumn will continue until Sunday, March 31, 2024
□Eligibility: All people aged six months or over who completed their first vaccination. *One vaccination per person during the period
□Sending of vaccination coupons: Coupons are being sent to persons aged five years or over. (There is no need to apply for a coupon.)·Coupons have already been sent to people who had their last vaccination before July 31.·If you have an unused coupon for the third vaccination or thereafter, please use it.·If you moved to Nishitokyo after your last vaccination, or if you want a vaccination coupon, please contact the call center below. *Please apply for vaccination coupons for children aged six months to four years.
The electronic application is here :
For details, please check the city website.
□Vaccination places and reservation method: Reservations can be made online or by phone for the group vaccination sites and five hospitals in the city. Please contact other hospitals and clinics in the city directly to make reservations.
Online reservations can be made here :
For reservations by phone, call the Nishitokyo City COVID-19 Vaccination Call Center (tel. 03-5369-3904; 08:30–19:00 on Mondays to Saturdays; no service on Sundays and national holidays).

Nishitokyo Holiday Clinic

Always open on public holidays. You can consult about anything other than internal medicine.
Consultation hours: 10:00–12:00, 13:00–16:00, 17:00–21:00
Place: City Office Nakamachi Annex Bldg. (1-1-5 Nakamachi; tel.: 042-424-3331)

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